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Website: The new website of Tars Lootens is online. You can also download music and videos (for free) ----
Here you can find some music fragments.
[ fragment "tunes" ]
Some "tv and radio" tunes composed and arranged by Tars Lootens (short compilation)
Listen here...

[ fragment "Astrid" ]
In 2000, a brand new and original Musical Play "ASTRID" was created, under the musical direction of Tars himself.
Here are some fragments, to give an idea of how the score and songs sound like....
Listen here...

[ fragment "Toots" ]
Short idea of latest recording with Toots Thielemans (guest-player on new album "duets")
Listen here...

[ fragment "Goya" ]
Duet-fragment with Francis Goya (leadmotif from musical "Astrid" 2000)
Listen here...

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